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Community-contributed material.

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Since there's no "discussion" page, it is advised you exercise good faith, and find other means of communication/collaboration. Try our forums, mailing-lists or IRC.

Feel free to start a new document, even if it's not mentioned here. A rough outline of what is needed follows:


MAngbandPitch? - describe MAngband in one paragraph. To be included in README's, *nix pacakages, this website, etc.

Differences from Angband? - documents game-play changes visible to player. This guide should get experienced Angband player started in no time.

ChatGuide - documents features of our chat system.

MacroGuide - what all those \ef1*t mean

InscriptionGuide - even worse, what the hell is @f1=g ?

BuildOnWindows? BuildOnLinux? BuildOnMac? - friendlier versions (autoconfed) of what we have on

The Player Guide? - yet another new guide. V is rewriting theirs too, maybe we can steal.

Dungeon Master Guide? - all you need to know to run a server. Should have 'dungeon master' and 'server operator' subsections.

Developer Handbook? - this guide will be probably developed over dev wiki. Should have 'base developer' and 'variant developer' subsections.


If you have some interesting data and no existing pages seem to fit, and creating a new page sounds wrong, just drop it right here: