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MAngband Monster Information

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Red jelly
Depth: 350ft Rarity: 1 Speed: +0 Hitpoints: 26d8 AC: 1 Exp: 26
It is a large pulsating mound of red flesh. This creature is normally found at a depth of 350ft and moves at normal speed, but does not deign to chase intruders. It is not detected by telepathy. It is hurt by bright light. It cannot be frightened or confused or slept. It pays very little attention to intruders, which it may notice from 20 feet. It can touch to reduce strength with damage 1d5.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • Alasdair the level 10 Hobbit Ranger (29 Apr 14)
  • Spheriel the level 10 Hobbit Rogue (10 Feb 14)
  • Leon the level 1 Dwarf Ranger (8 Jun 13)