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MAngband Monster Information

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Depth: 1250ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +0 Hitpoints: 100d11 AC: 70 Exp: 300
A huge wormlike shape dripping acid, twisted by evil sorcery into a foul monster that breeds on death. This creature is normally found at a depth of 1250ft and moves at normal speed. It can bash down doors. It is immune to acid. It takes a while to see intruders, which it may notice from 150 feet. It can gaze to lower experience, crawl on you to shoot acid with damage 2d4, bite to attack with damage 1d10 and bite to poison with damage 1d6.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • Eccleston the level 27 Half-Troll Warrior (8 Mar 16)