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MAngband Monster Information

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Shadow drake
Depth: 1650ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +0 Hitpoints: 30d10 AC: 70 Exp: 1100
It is a dragon-like form wrapped in shadow. Glowing red eyes shine out in the dark, and it is surrounded by an aura of unearthly cold that chills the soul rather than the body. This evil dragon is normally found at a depth of 1650ft and moves at normal speed. It may breathe nether. It is magical, casting spells which slow, confuse, terrify or create darkness; 1 time in 6. It can pass through walls, open doors and bash down doors. It is invisible. It cannot be confused or slept. It tends to overlook intruders, which it may notice from 200 feet. It may carry up to 6 objects. It can claw to attack with damage 2d4, claw to attack with damage 2d4 and bite to lower experience with damage 3d6.

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