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MAngband Monster Information

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Spirit troll
Depth: 2000ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +0 Hitpoints: 10d100 AC: 90 Exp: 900
A weird ghostly troll-like being from the ethereal plane. This evil undead troll is normally found at a depth of 2000ft and moves at normal speed. It can pass through walls. It is invisible. It regenerates quickly. It is immune to lightning, cold and poison. It cannot be confused or slept. It is observant of intruders, which it may notice from 200 feet. It may carry an object or treasure. It can hit to attack with damage 3d6, hit to attack with damage 3d6 and hit to attack with damage 3d6.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • Douche the level 15 Dwarf Warrior (29 Sep 13)
  • BNK the level 17 Dwarf Priest (29 Sep 13)
  • Roboindawild the level 9 Half-Troll Warrior (5 Dec 12)
  • Adam the level 16 Human Warrior (6 Apr 12)