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MAngband Monster Information

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Greater mummy
Depth: 1800ft Rarity: 5 Speed: +0 Hitpoints: 34d10 AC: 68 Exp: 800
Once a powerful ruler, now an even more powerful undead menace. This evil undead creature is normally found at a depth of 1800ft and moves at normal speed. It is magical, casting spells intelligently which heal-self, haste-self, blind, terrify, summon an undead, produce poison balls, produce nether bolts, produce frost balls, drain mana, cause mind blasting, cause critical wounds, create darkness or cause amnesia; 1 time in 3. It can pick up objects, open doors, bash down doors and push past weaker monsters. It is cold blooded. It is immune to acid, lightning, cold and poison. It cannot be frightened or confused or slept. It prefers to ignore intruders, which it may notice from 300 feet. It usually appears with escorts. It may carry up to 6 objects. It can claw to reduce constitution with damage 3d6, claw to reduce constitution with damage 3d6, gaze to lower experience with damage 3d4 and gaze to terrify with damage 3d4.

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