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MAngband Monster Information

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Azriel, Angel of Death
Depth: 3100ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +20 Hitpoints: 60d100 AC: 170 Exp: 30000
Azriel commands awesome power, his visage holy enough to shrivel your soul. You shriek with disbelief as his mastery of death draws you to your grave. It is truly beyond all but the mightiest of warriors to stand against him and live. This creature is normally found at a depth of 3100ft and moves very quickly. He may breathe nether. He is magical, casting spells intelligently which teleport to, blind, produce mana bolts, produce nether bolts, produce nether balls or summon an angel; 1 time in 2. He can pick up objects, open doors, bash down doors and push past weaker monsters. He is immune to acid, fire, lightning, cold and poison. He is fairly observant of intruders, which he may notice from 400 feet. He may carry up to 14 good objects. He can hit to lower experience with damage 10d5, hit to lower experience with damage 10d5, hit to attack with damage 10d10 and hit to attack with damage 10d10.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • Jug the level 42 Dwarf Priest (6 Sep 15)
  • Carcason the level 41 Dwarf Warrior (10 Nov 14)
  • WeBuyIndyHouses the level 45 Half-Troll Rogue (10 Apr 14)
  • BNK the level 28 Dwarf Priest (8 Dec 13)
  • Billy Hamilton the level 47 Half-Troll Ranger (3 Dec 13)
  • Warrior the level 34 Dunadan Warrior (23 Nov 13)
  • Zapoila the level 31 High-Elf Mage (11 Jun 13)
  • Greyshoe the level 33 Dwarf Rogue (11 Apr 13)
  • BNK the level 40 Dwarf Priest (11 Apr 13)
  • Kotomine Risei the level 47 Dwarf Priest (23 Feb 13)
  • Sinclair the level 45 Human Ranger (24 Jan 13)
  • Godot the level 46 Dwarf Mage (25 Aug 12)
  • Greyshoe the level 37 Dwarf Rogue (16 Aug 12)
  • Greyshoe the level 27 Dunadan Ranger (12 Apr 12)
  • WeBuyIndyHouses the level 1 Half-Troll Priest (5 Feb 12)
  • Arrows the level 48 Dunadan Ranger (6 Jan 12)