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MAngband Monster Information

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Huan, Wolfhound of the Valar
Depth: 4500ft Rarity: 1 Speed: +20 Hitpoints: 80d100 AC: 160 Exp: 32767
The wolfhound of the Valar, Huan has served many masters in his time, from Celegorm son of Feanor to Beren son of Barahir acknowledges no master save himself, as he hunts alone for his nemesis - Carcharoth, the terrible wolf of Angband. This creature is normally found at a depth of 4500ft and moves very quickly. He may breathe frost, shards, sound or light. He can open doors, bash down doors and destroy weaker monsters. He is immune to acid, lightning and cold. He cannot be frightened or confused or slept. He is fairly observant of intruders, which he may notice from 500 feet. He may carry up to 8 good objects. He can claw to freeze with damage 9d12, claw to freeze with damage 9d12, bite to freeze with damage 9d12 and bite to freeze with damage 9d12.

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