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MAngband Monster Information

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The Mouth of Sauron
Depth: 3250ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +20 Hitpoints: 70d100 AC: 100 Exp: 32767
The Mouth of Sauron is a mighty spell caster. So old that even he cannot remember his own name, his power and evil are undeniable. He believes unshakably that he is unbeatable and laughs as he weaves his awesome spells. This evil creature is normally found at a depth of 3250ft and moves very quickly. He is magical, casting spells intelligently which teleport to, paralyze, cause critical wounds, create traps, produce plasma bolts, invoke darkness storms, invoke mana storms, produce fire balls, produce water balls, produce nether balls, summon Greater Demons or summon Greater Undead; 1 time in 2. He can open doors and bash down doors. He is invisible. He is immune to fire, lightning and cold. He cannot be confused or slept. He is fairly observant of intruders, which he may notice from 600 feet. He may carry up to 10 good objects. He can hit to disenchant with damage 6d8, hit to disenchant with damage 6d8, hit to drain charges with damage 5d5 and hit to drain charges with damage 5d5.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • Hinoto the level 29 Dunadan Priest (2 May 15)
  • MenPin the level 34 Dwarf Paladin (2 May 15)
  • Alasdair the level 32 Hobbit Ranger (23 Nov 14)
  • Coille the level 31 Half-Troll Warrior (23 Nov 14)
  • Avenger the level 35 Half-Troll Warrior (8 Nov 13)
  • Durin the level 42 Dwarf Rogue (15 Jun 13)
  • BNK the level 46 Dwarf Priest (11 May 13)
  • BNK the level 33 Dwarf Priest (11 Apr 13)
  • Robocow the level 44 Half-Troll Rogue (18 Dec 12)
  • Arrows the level 50 Dunadan Ranger (3 Oct 12)
  • Moria the level 27 Dwarf Rogue (20 Aug 12)
  • Moria the level 29 Dwarf Rogue (20 Aug 12)
  • Speller the level 44 High-Elf Mage (5 Aug 12)
  • Niva Ti the level 35 Half-Troll Warrior (22 Nov 11)
  • WeBuyIndyHouses the level 38 Half-Troll Paladin (4 Nov 11)