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MAngband Monster Information

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Greater titan
Depth: 3300ft Rarity: 3 Speed: +10 Hitpoints: 38d100 AC: 125 Exp: 23500
A forty foot tall humanoid that shakes the ground as it walks. The power radiating from its frame shakes your courage, its hatred inspired by your defiance. This evil giant is normally found at a depth of 3300ft and moves quickly. It may throw boulders. It is magical, casting spells intelligently which heal-self, teleport to or summon monsters; 1 time in 3. It can pick up objects and bash down doors. It takes a while to see intruders, which it may notice from 300 feet. It may carry up to 10 good objects. It can hit to confuse with damage 12d12, hit to confuse with damage 12d12, hit to confuse with damage 12d12 and hit to confuse with damage 12d12.

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Heros slain by this creature

  • BNK the level 41 Dwarf Priest (18 Sep 17)
  • Greyshoe the level 37 Dwarf Rogue (7 Sep 17)
  • Qualta Blade the level 40 High-Elf Mage (11 Apr 13)