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What's New?

This is a description of the interesting changes which you probably want to know about. There are hundreds more changes listed in the ChangeLog but this document covers the highlights and a few things which may not be obvious. We're not going into details here of the many of changes to items, monsters, spells, effects, etc.

Version 1.1.3 (27th May 2016)

This is bug fix release for the client and server

This release addresses another 20-something bugs, and improves cross-platform compatibility, see the ReleaseNotes for details.

Version 1.1.2 (27th Apr 2009)

This is bug fix release for the client and server

This release addresses another 50-something bugs, and improves cross-platform compatibility, see the ChangeLog for details.

Version 1.1.1 (18th Aug 2008)

This is bug fix release for the client and server

This release addresses one major (server crash) and several minor bug fixes, see the ChangeLog for details.

Version 1.1.0 (19th Jul 2008)

This is the final stable release of the 1.1.0 server

This release addresses some 50 fixes and tweaks, see the ChangeLog for details.

Version 1.1.0 (beta-2) (1st Apr 2008)

In no particular order...


The in game help has been made a bit more useful and there is some up to date Online Documentation!

You can change your password

From the character screen ("C") press ("p") to change your password.

Houses don't have keys

So don't be surprised when you buy a house and a key doesn't drop to the floor. You don't need it, only you can open your house door.

Detection rod/spell detects invisible

Previously detection didn't detect invisible nasties, so you couldn't detect that Greater Draconic Q with your detection rod or spell... now you can!

Artifact tweaks

Artifacts can not be dropped just anywhere. You can only drop them at or below either base depth. So no dropping them in town or in your house. If you sell an artifact to the store the store keeper will not display it in his shop inventory, rather he will smuggle it out the back room.

Looking and targeting

When you look ("l") or target you get a little yellow cursor showing you where you are focusing. If you press ("p") you enter manual targeting mode, and you can choose the exact position of the cursor. Try it!

Examining items

You can use the Examine command ("I") (that's a capital i) to examine items in your inventory or in the shops. This will tell you all about the items abilities. Some magical powers may be hidden, an *identify* scroll will reveal these and then future examining of the item will show the hidden powers too.

Brag about your inventory!

You can press ("Ctrl+D") and select an item in your inventory to automatically post that items description in to the public chat.

Player owned shops

You can run your own shop! Any item which is inscribed {for sale} and dropped in your house will be available for sale to anyone who comes and bumps into your house door, just like a normal shop. You don't have to be online for people to buy from your shop. If someone does buy from you, the cash will be dropped in your house so make sure you have an empty spot on the floor to receive payment!

You can also inscribe an item {for sale <price>}, to set the price at which you wish to sell. You get 90% of the asking price, as 10% is goes towards the cost of maintaining the shop. For example, inscribe an item {for sale 10000} and you will receive 9000 gold when someone buys it.

The black market owner doesn't take kindly to competition, so if you try to sell an item for less than the black market would, your asking price will be raised to the black markets price. You can check the prices others will see for your goods by standing inside your house and using the ("h") command on the door. Only do this inside your house, otherwise you will be attempting to sell the house!

Change your house door colour

You can paint your house door! Throwing a potion at your door has a chance to turn your door the same colour as the potion.

Mage magic system changed

A bunch of new spells added, several spells removed, e.g. GoI. The Mage system has been completely brought up to date with Angband 3.0.6. There are far too many changes to list here. The best way to find out what they are is to play a mage and discover for yourself! Or you could check an Angband 3.0.6 magic spoiler.

Genocide is now banishment

All forms of "genocide" have been renamed "banishment".

Windows Vista Support

The client and server function correctly on Windows Vista.

Monsters have inventories

Monsters now drop things they have picked up when you kill them. So if that novice rogue picks up that great looking item off the floor, now when you slay him he'll drop it again! There are a couple of exceptions to this. Townies don't have inventories and neither do creatures that multiply.

Jamming doors with spikes

It's possible to jam doors once again with spikes, using the traditional ("j") key. Stealing which was previously on this key has been moved to the ("J") key.


Holding down ("Ctrl") and pushing a direction on the numpad will tunnel in that direction. This should now work on all platforms.

Store changes

Stores can now have up to 4 pages of stock.

Detailed character information screen

Now you can view all your characters resists and abilities, etc. From the character screen ("C"), press ("h") twice. This first time this display your characters history, the second time displays your characters detailed information.

Player killing

Player killing (PvP) has been made an "opt in" system. Two players both have to mark each other as hostile before any fighting can take place. This allows those who wish to fight to do so whilst protecting the innocent. You select players you wish to be hostile towards from the party menu ("P").

Character name restrictions

The only permitted symbols in character names are now upper and lower case letters, numbers and space. This restriction is purely for technical reasons.

No Ghost option

Brave players can select the "death is permanent" option from the options menu ("=") in section 3 (game play options). This means when you die you don't turn into a ghost, you are destroyed totally. For this bravery you get a 50% score bonus, you are referred to as "brave" on the player list and when you die other players are reminded of your heroic bravery. Note that you can only change this option when you are level 1, you can't play "no ghost" up until level 20 and then switch it off (you can change the option but it will have no effect).

Chaos Resistance

Chaos resistance no longer gives confusion resistance! Chaos res does prevent you from becoming confused as a result of a chaos attack, but will not stop you becoming confused from a direct confusion attack.

ESP Range

ESP has a limited range.

Wands and recharging

Wands are no longer destroyed when recharging goes wrong. Instead they are simply emptied of all charges.

No more infinite potions and scrolls

The black market now functions just like the Angband black market and is no longer hacked to always sell you cheap speed potions, enlightenment potions, *identify* scrolls and healing potions.

Online ladder

All players who reach level 20 or higher can access a character dump online when they die. Check the Online Ladder. You can also track the scores of living players there.

Online macro maker

There is an experimental Online Macro Maker! Give it a try and give us some feedback in the forums.

Older players

If you haven't played since the 0.7.2 days (as in before the end of 2008), here are a few more highlights.

Hound recall insta-death

Hounds are cleared from the recall point when you recall into the dungeon so insta-deaths like this should be much less of a problem. Hounds are also cleared from the stairs when you go down but not when you go up!

Level feelings

You get Angband level feelings if you are the first player on to a level.

Character history

Notable events in your characters life such as finding artifacts and killing uniques are recorded in your character history. This is made available in your character dump if you make it to level 20.

No more repeatedly rolling new characters

When you create a character your three primary stats are forced to exceed a certain minimum. This means you shouldn't have to endlessly recreate your character at the start trying to get decent stats.

New monsters

Hundreds of changes to monsters to update us to Angband 3.0.6

New items

Many new items from Angband 3.0.6

Tough townies

Don't panic if you see a Battle-scared veteran heading your way, he'll just walk on by as he goes about his own business. Same for the other tough townies, they tend to ignore the players unless you annoy them.

Temple gifts

When you resurrect in the temple you get a little gold.

Priest spells reworked

Priests and Paladins have their magic system rebalanced to Angband 3.0.6, mostly this effects Paladins.

Well known bugs

There have been a huge number of bug fixes but some bugs have existed for so long they have become well know by the old timers of MAngband. They've all pretty much been fixed now. Things like the getting stuck on a monster when in melee combat, getting stuck on a floating eye, genocide not working quite right, Acquirement scrolls not working correctly, Alter Reality spell never working, vaults you can't enter, artifacts becoming lost from the game, houses not resetting... you name it, it's probably been fixed!