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by Jug
Sat 01.12.2018, 14:28
Forum: News
Topic: MAngband v1.4.0
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MAngband v1.4.0

A change of strategy will see frequent and small incremental changes to the game. This is the first of these new MAngband releases. This release brings combining of wands and staves and stacking of rods, you won't find the same artifacts over and over again, and some other small changes. Full list o...
by Jug
Thu 29.11.2018, 14:26
Forum: News
Topic: Updated Windows Client (v1.1.4)
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Updated Windows Client (v1.1.4)

A new version of the Windows client is available in the downloads area. This is a bug fix release, mostly fixing the crash on chat and problems with saving config files. This version doesn't need administrator access to install. Full change list is here . We recommend you uninstall your current clie...
by Jug
Sun 25.11.2018, 14:24
Forum: News
Topic: Rumours
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Rumour has it that the Temple has found a supplier for Potions of Healing.
by Jug
Thu 22.11.2018, 14:23
Forum: News
Topic: Artifacts & Upgrades
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Artifacts & Upgrades

Artifacts are now automatically removed from inactive players. The server (main server, not ironman) frequently checks if any player character has been inactive for more than 60 days, if so, any artifacts are removed from that character and put back in the game. At the time of this post there are no...
by Jug
Sun 18.11.2018, 14:23
Forum: News
Topic: New Website
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New Website

20 years of MAngband! 10 years since the last website rebuild! We've built a brand new website from the ground up which will hopefully cover us for the next 10 years! The old website is still online at for a while.
by Jug
Tue 30.10.2018, 13:54
Forum: News
Topic: Moved to Discord
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Moved to Discord

The old IRC channel is abandoned and we've set-up home in Discord, a modern alternative. We've integrated the game servers into the Discord server and a new mangbot provides the old features such as monster and artifact information, in-game chat, etc.
by Jug
Sun 10.05.2009, 21:19
Forum: News
Topic: IRC server change
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Re: IRC server change

Registration of nicks on freenode is optional. But if someone else registers the name you normally use, you may find yourself unable to use it. Although you will still be able to use similar names. For example, I can't use "Jug" because it's already registered, so I use "Jug-".
by Jug
Sun 29.03.2009, 12:37
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Space-time bubbles/bullet time and monsters running
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Re: Space-time bubbles/bullet time and monsters running

I don't know what to think about this. A bug? A feature? It's a bug fix :-) After the move from turn based to realtime the question arises "how the hell do we implement running?". The original answer was to simply give the player a temporary speed boost, and this is what we've had for ten years. As...
by Jug
Tue 25.11.2008, 00:16
Forum: News
Topic: More artifacts available!
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Re: More artifacts available!

Is this a one time effect? Or will artifacts disappear continuously from inactive players?
This is an on going policy and will continue. The removal of artifacts from inactive players isn't a completely automatic process (yet) so inactive players may get a few extra days grace here and there.
by Jug
Sun 09.11.2008, 18:50
Forum: News
Topic: Congratulations to our Winners!
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Congratulations to our Winners!

On behalf of the MAngband Project Team I would like to congratulate our winners! Congratulations to King Turin who won in September with a Dwarf Priest! (The first winner of this instance) Congratulations to Queen Zal who won twice (!) in October, once with ZalMagus a Hobbit Mage and then again with...
by Jug
Thu 28.08.2008, 08:18
Forum: Other Servers
Topic: Telnet Server Proxy?
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Re: Telnet Server Proxy?

Me and... I think it was fink, did set up a proof-of-concept telnet server for MAngband some time back. Mainly we tried it because it's such a popular thing with nethack. It did work, albeit not too well, it would need someone to spend some time getting it working perfectly. But it is possible. Some...
by Jug
Sun 24.08.2008, 20:39
Forum: PWMAngband
Topic: Variant Source Code
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Variant Source Code

We're an open source community, please provide a link where people can download the full sources for your variant.

If you're having problems with hosting, can offer storage for any variants binaries and sources and make these available for download.
by Jug
Thu 21.08.2008, 23:18
Forum: Wish List / Think tank
Topic: Log not updated when casting spells
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Re: Log not updated when casting spells

I agree. :)
by Jug
Thu 21.08.2008, 13:14
Forum: Wish List / Think tank
Topic: Moving diagonally
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Re: Moving diagonally

I play on a laptop also, I use an external USB numpad, they are available pretty cheaply.
by Jug
Thu 21.08.2008, 11:43
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Bug Report Forum
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Bug Report Forum

Please feel free to post reports of anything you feel is a problem or bug in this forum. Once reports have been dealt with, they will be removed from this forum. Bug reports which are accepted as a bug will be moved into the bug tracking system and fixed. If a topic remains in this forum it means no...