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by Gorth
Wed 13.05.2009, 21:29
Forum: Ironman MAngband
Topic: The Official Ironman Party Thread!
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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

I have a few guys around. A warrior on 1k - Throg, a warrior on 1350 - Gorth and a warrior on 550 - Gorthy, a priest around 600 - Roppu
by Gorth
Mon 03.03.2008, 15:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: TOTAL INSANITY -- GCV at 4000 ft - 1999 revisited
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Well done in finding those old messages to what is now a very old list. Ahh yesteryear. I still stick to the fact that Conn was trying to sabotage us all by running around the level waking things up.....
by Gorth
Thu 28.02.2008, 02:01
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Is it possible getting the current server-code?
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Hello, just a suggestion. I think that it might make sense to post the fact that there is an expected server reset on the main page. I had not delved that much into the forums and just now noticed that there is a planned reset on March 1. Just an idea.
by Gorth
Sun 17.02.2008, 16:58
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Rescue at 1800
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Rescue at 1800

I foolishly died at 1800, anyone want to help me salvage what the Rangers didnt pick up?
by Gorth
Thu 14.02.2008, 18:56
Forum: Wish List / Think tank
Topic: An old item brought back
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An old item brought back

So last night whilst conversing with Kismet it was noted that 'Gorth was killed by Farmer Maggot' as a talk line is not noticed and highlighted in red like it actually happened. I think that I am speaking for many people, at least 1-2, anyways, when I say that is a cool feature. We should totally br...
by Gorth
Thu 14.02.2008, 16:16
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: GV at 1600
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GV at 1600

Anyone wants to clear a GV on 1600 it is static, and will remain so until it either resets, or until I play Gorth again tomorrow evening, GMT -5. It is too tough for me.
by Gorth
Tue 12.02.2008, 23:48
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Found Key
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Found Key

I found a key in the tavern, did someone accidently drop it? I will give it back if you can tell me where the house is and at least a reasonable fascimile of what is in it.
by Gorth
Sun 03.02.2008, 18:50
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ticket #220... who the hell is Seth?
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Seths Legacy

On one of the early servers hosted by a former MIT student and friend of Hao's, Seth participated in the a dive to a GCV at 4k. The level was being held static by one of Warriors ghosts and the three of us, using Mords that we had stolen from the server admins house, an entirely different story, dov...