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by MiGFulcrum
Sat 31.10.2020, 17:51
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Multiplayer Angband variants history
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Re: Multiplayer Angband variants history

Sure is, it was quite the read, I didn't know the story of (M)Angband could be tracked that far and that there's actually been a continuity for no less than 4 decades. ... now, why did I read it although I'm supposed to finish a press review about Montenegrin citizenship? I'm getting off the site no...
by MiGFulcrum
Sat 31.10.2020, 17:16
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: [RESOLVED] seeing behind doors
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Re: [RESOLVED] seeing behind doors

Thanks for that long lasting support! It did cause issues for me when I started playing, but that's because I copied the game from a friend's computer who got the game a while ago and never updated it. I did, and it's now fixed.
by MiGFulcrum
Fri 30.10.2020, 18:30
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Running Multiple Servers from one DNS
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Re: Running Multiple Servers from one DNS

Well, I'm glad you answered late, because as an even later newcomer, this is what the info I was looking for, my servers are now online and working. Thanks!