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by darwin
Wed 13.12.2023, 01:58
Forum: PWMAngband
Topic: build/install/run on GNU/Linux?
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build/install/run on GNU/Linux?

How do you build/install/run on GNU/Linux?
by darwin
Tue 29.06.2021, 01:03
Forum: News
Topic: Moved to Discord
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Re: Moved to Discord

IRC is a decentralized open protocol and Discord is a centralized proprietary website; not a true alternative, rather than a regression. People still used the IRC channel until freenode collapsed; now most its channels moved to (some to OFTC.) What about matrix? It's a decentralized open...
by darwin
Mon 14.09.2020, 11:01
Forum: News
Topic: Forum passwords leaked
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Re: Forum passwords leaked

Please email all members about it if possible. Not everyone is gaming or keeping up on news about that all the time.