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by grisu
Sun 08.02.2009, 13:59
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The Challenge [Quest]
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Re: The Challenge [Quest]

Same to me, i invested over 1 hour running around in the wilderness to find the quest and got bored. Quests should have riddles to find them, some calculating hints to find the depth. However, since I am laggy and just jump several spots while running, I guess I wouldnt have any chance anyway. I sti...
by grisu
Sun 10.08.2008, 23:00
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: This guy just dont know!
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Re: This guy just dont know!

Sorry, but I am (much much) older than 13 years.
by grisu
Sat 02.08.2008, 01:29
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Rings of Slaying?
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Re: Rings of Slaying?

ring of slaying gives also boni to missile weapons for the to-hit part.
However with the new limits Rings of slying are useless crap.
by grisu
Thu 03.07.2008, 10:40
Forum: Wish List / Think tank
Topic: Deleting "unused" characters
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Re: Deleting "unused" characters

This good idea isnt new, but i think there was a technical problem in the past and the removing had to be done manually.
by grisu
Fri 27.06.2008, 10:18
Forum: Yet Another Stupid Death
Topic: save at 2000
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Re: save at 2000

Sorry, but level is updated :(
Don't know if someone else got your stuff.
by grisu
Mon 16.06.2008, 16:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Strange items equipped
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Re: Strange items equipped

Yes, bought it from Kaze's dull shop. The weapon is somehow the soul of the char.
Mainly a BoC of Venom/Slay UD with aggr and xp draining...this means A LOT of fun :)
by grisu
Tue 10.06.2008, 00:26
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Shop selling
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Shop selling

It happens now 2 times in 2 different houses that I found a small amount of gold pieces(<60) in the house.
I havent sold anything that low (including missiles). I dont know, if I sold something and the amount is wrong
or if it has another reason, but something went wrong.
by grisu
Sun 08.06.2008, 09:23
Forum: Strategy
Topic: Improvements/suggestions for lvl1 partying...
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Re: Improvements/suggestions for lvl1 partying...

We need to improve templaying instead egomanic superuberdiving and dont split the team in too many parts. 1.) Most important: Only non brave chars. If someone dies, he resurrects at 4 (later gets resurrected by players) and can immediately recall, gets the stuff back and can continue with just few h...
by grisu
Thu 05.06.2008, 16:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Waiting for 100th character to die from poison...
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Re: Waiting for 100th character to die from poison...

Dont we have already more than 100? (99 low level + 8 high level chars).
I think air hounds also kill alot people indirectly with poison, if they barely survive the breathes.
by grisu
Thu 05.06.2008, 16:07
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New-char weekend... Anyone interested?
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Re: New-char weekend... Anyone interested?

Dont know yet (EC starts). But I would like to mention this: Lets create the new chars with a common password which is known from a pool of players. If a player leaves, the char can be overtaken by another one and the gameplay continues. At least 4 chars must be played at the same time or it will re...
by grisu
Tue 03.06.2008, 12:43
Forum: PWMAngband
Topic: Worst valuable item dropped on death
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Re: Worst valuable item dropped on death

I think it is equal to the house dropping problem. The main gauche tested random spots,
but hasnt found the free one. The random testing for the skeleton found it.
by grisu
Mon 02.06.2008, 15:00
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: ACCEPTED "You bump into Acenoid"
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Re: "You bump into Acenoid"

Happens to me, too, and warrior and me tested it: - if you switch the place with the original player, clone and real player switches the location, this even goes for the dungeon. - You can hurt the clone and hp of the rl player is reduced. - if you logout the clone is gone, but someone else got a cl...
by grisu
Mon 02.06.2008, 14:57
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: l-command and blindness
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l-command and blindness

Id you blinded you cant use the l-command anymore on esp detected monsters. esp is independent from your eyes, so you should be still able to id them.
by grisu
Mon 02.06.2008, 14:37
Forum: Wish List / Think tank
Topic: Items stacking on the floor
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Re: Items stacking on the floor

good idea, should be easy to implement and would be a good solution for the missiles problem.
by grisu
Mon 02.06.2008, 14:35
Forum: Wish List / Think tank
Topic: Ladder
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Re: Ladder

I would also prefer to only see alive and ghostdead chars in the ladder. To keep an eye on the char dumps, I would prefer an archive of the news messages, so you can see all previous deads from >=lvl20. I am heavily against a ladder seperation from brave and non brave chars. Non ghost chars already ...