The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Issues, news, and discussion specific to the Ironman variant.
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The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by Warrior » Sat 02.05.2009, 16:18

Alright. This is the place to post about any parties on the Ironman MAngband server.

Lets see how it works out. Write here about:

* any parties you're in,
* what class and level you are
* what depth you are at
* who is in it,
* what classes they are,
* what classes you could use in the party
* and what strategy/level the party is at.

Also write here about what days and times you are available to party (please use time relative to GMT (as in -6 hours GMT, or +6 hours GMT, etc.
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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thead!

Post by Warrior » Sat 02.05.2009, 16:19

My characters currently: Red Italic Text: Characters in a Party. Blue Bold Text: Items for Sale.

(Town: Green - Priest. Pri - Priest. Mage - Mage. Ranger - Ranger. Rogue - Rogue. The Balrog - Priest)

Between Town and 1000ft:
  • 50ft - Below Town - Warrior - Level 1 - default.
    150ft - Warrrrr - (Warrior) - Level 1 - default.
    200ft - Wars - (Warrior) - Level 4 - default.
    350ft - White Rabbit - (Mage) - Level 7 - {good} stuff.
    500ft - Working (Paladin) - Level 10 - Beaked Axe of Slay Demon, 3 tele, 2 phase, 1 heroism, needs party?
    650ft - Crazy Horse (Rogue) - Level 9 - *Acquirement*, could use a tank or two...
    550ft - Priest - Priest - Level 15 - {avg} stuff, 14 teles. Party with Thor and McGyver(Conn).
    750ft - Dwarf - Priest - Level 17 - {avg} stuff, 3 tele. Party with ZalTook,Ant 55(Didy), DieHard, Meh.
    900ft - Swashbuckler - Level 18 - {avg}&{good} stuff. Party with Htrog, ConnPriest
At 1000 ft:
Good to go:
  • Worcior - Level 16 - Blessed Regen Dagger+3,+3Con, SD,Seeing, FA Gloves. GTG!
    Fierce Warrior - Level 17 - {good} mg, Dam+11,FA Ring, Res Acid Amulet. GTG!
    Dummy - Level 17 - EA +2, dam +9, Regen Amu, Seeing, Resistance armor, Stealth+3. FA boots, STM Wand. GTG!
    Warrr - Level 18 - Dwarven +2, FA Boots, STM Wand. GTG!
    Warrrrrrrrrrrrr - Level 18 - blessed +1 trident, FA boots, Lows via rings/armor/amu. FA Boots. STM. GTG!
    Ironman - Level 19 - EA Whip+2! Dam+9, FA Ring, Elvenkind Armor, Regen Cap, FA Boots. GTG!
    Tank - Level 19- {good} main gauche, prot +13, Res Acid, Mirkwood boots! GTG!
    Viking - Level 20 - +4,+7 main gauche, FA gloves, Res Fire, Acid. GTG!
    Runner - Level 21 - War Hammer Blessed +3. Dwarven+2. Light Cap. Res Acid, Res Cold. GTG!
Needs shopping:
  • Thief - Level 14 - Damage +17!(BM). FA Ring, Res Fear Aman, Int +2 Cap, 13k.
    Warogue - Level 15 - Dam +8, agility gloves+4, 5k.
    Green - Level 18 - Priest - HA+4, Dam+14, Con+4, Wis+5, Elvenkind, Prot Cloak,Res Shield, Wis+2 Cap, Elven Gloves, Mirkwoods. EO&GI. Also Magi Cloak+1, Int Cap +2 and Wis Cap+1 for sale. 3k5.
    Diver - Level 19 - whip HA +3, res fire, str+3, resistance armor, FA gloves, 5k.
    Quick - Warrior - Level 19 - Westernesse spear +1, FA Gloves. Thorongil, 18/110 CHR. 7k.
    I Hate Mages - Level 19 - Warrior - Dagger Defender, Dwarven+2, Mirkwood Boots, Telepathy Cap (53k@2). 1k5.
    Warlord - Level 20 - Broad Axe HA +4, Dam+10,SD, Elvenkind, Kolla +2(250ft!), FA Boots, 4k1.
    Tuesday - Level 21 - Blessed +3 Whip, Dam+10, FA Ring, Resistance Armor, Feanorian Lamp, FA gloves. 2k6.
    Paladin - Level 21- Trident of *Slay Evil* +2, Dam +11, Prot +10, Wis Cap +2, Mirkwood Boots. EXPERIENCE POTION.200AU
    Diving - Level 23 - Speed boots +2, *Slay Troll* rapier, Dam +14, Elvenkind armor&shield. Fa Gloves. ESP Awl Pike. Blessed +3 for sale. 19k.
    Dragon Slayer - Level 24 - Dagger of Westernesse +2, Dam+15&Dam+13. Elvenkind, Regen Cap, Stealth +3, Power Gloves +5, Mirkwood boots, Speed Staff. Dwarven +2 for sale.. Kiler of a Giant Roc at 400! 5k8.

    WarrioroirraW - Level 18 - {good} stuff. Dam+8&Dam+12. Party with Conn3,ZalDorf.
    Healing - Level 20 - Blessed +3, Regen Cap, FA gloves, Int Pot, Blessed+2,Flame Axe, Defender and Power Sling to sell. Party with Conn2,Throg,Blaze,ZalIdeah.
    War- Level 21 - *slay troll* dagger, dam +13&Dam+12, res fire armor, seeing cap, FA gloves. Party with ZalHoly, NextTry,Pullahiiri.
Between 1k and 2k:
  • 1450: - Warr - Level 26 - westernesse rapier, elven FA gloves, speed +5 boots. Party with Roppu, Blaze2, Grisu, Zal.
    1500: Dragon Slayer 2 - Level 25 - Rapier of venom, dual dam, resistance cloak, seeing cap, slaying gauntlets, FA boots. 6k. - Party with Thekla, Throg, Blaze6,Ponde, Orc and Half Orc (see below).
    1500: Orc - Level 19 - {good} dagger, dam +7 ring, prot 11, FA boots, 11k.- Used by CONN
    1500: Half Orc - Level 16 - Flame Long Sword, Res Fire, Moon Amu, Res Cold, FA Boots 8k.- Used by GORTH
    1600: A Warrior: Level 26 - Slay Evil dagger, dual dam, regen amu, resistance armor, slaying gloves, FA boots. Party with Ropp, Blaze3, Zal Charge
At 2000 ft:
  • Warrior - Level 27 - +2 westernesse main gauche, 2x+12 dam, wis +3, phial, elvenkind, prot cloak, agility +5, {good} eq. 6k. Low on supplies.
    Some - Level 29 - Aglarang, Dual dam, devotion amu, feanorian, dwarven +2, magi esp, avari blind, holhenneth, power, mirkwoods, fully equipped.
    (found on April 21'st 2011 - COMPLETELY forgot I had this)
All these guys are ready to party, preferably with 1 or 2 more warriors, 1 priest and 1 mage, alternatively a rogue or ranger.
We could use two priests but then I'd prefer at least three warriors. The idea being that the warriors should protect the other classes "to death" if need be (since warriors are really easy to get to 1k). Ideally everyone would be able to take care of themselves but thats often not the case. If a mage or priest has to teleport, maybe the warrior should teleport too, even if unhurt, in order to more quickly guard the lonely mage/priest.

I can play from 5-6 pm GMT+1 to 9-10pm during weekdays and (theoretically) all day on weekends but that's very theoretically, but just let me know whenever you want to play and I'll hopefully be able to join :)

Typically I'll be able to play from 7 to 9 or 10 pm GMT on weekdays.

I will keep the list up to date. UPDATED June 2'nd 2011
-- Mangband Project Team Member

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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by grisu » Fri 08.05.2009, 23:59

I agree with Warrior. Let's give the game a new piece of fun called teamplay.
The goal should be to kill Morgoth with teamwork and not being the deepest died one
(sounds like scoring a goal and losing 1-4 anyway).
Beside partying, it also includes equipment-managment/sharing/swapping.
- Quantity is more important than quality, its about refilling diving groups instead scumming on lvls.
- Maybe try to avoid to dive alone below 1k and stop when you are the only survivor. Wait for others.
- Groups with only 2 players left could wait at stages, maybe 1k, 1.5k, 2k etc, wait to refill with more people.
- Don't allow a mass death due something surprising, at least one member should have some distance to others
- Just follow Warriors list and give a short info about your current chars.

400 limitwalker hobbit/ranger lvl 11 eo
450 rowena hobbit/rogue lvl 15 rdsm
650 lw human/rogue lvl 20 avari+1, xp pot
400 nolimit kobold/ranger lvl 10 mords
550 Zampirone human/ranger lvl 20 westie+2 dagger, tele other rod
1000 lim half-troll/rogue lvl 22 x4 bow, dal-i-thalion
1000 limitw half-troll ranger lvl 20 katana-ea+2
1000 limits halforc/rogue lvl 18 westie+2 tulwar
1000 fume highelf/ranger lvl 16 chr 18/70, rod of dl
1000 draghetto half-troll/rogue lvl 21 istari
1000 cedric human/warrior lvl 23 dagger-westie+2 orcish+2 mordenkain
1450 grisu half-troll/rogue lvl 24 nimthanc (inside the group warrior mentioned)


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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by schroeder » Sat 09.05.2009, 01:06

hehe...I have a much smaller mass of characters.
Domiano Dwarf warrior at 1250' +15 and 16 damage rings, 'Gondricam', +5 power gauntlets, 2 extra crap art gauntlets
Emumage Half troll mage with domiano at 1250' esp mace, 2 +4 int rings, +2 int cap, cloak 'Colluin', mordicins escapes
Tulkas Half troll rogue at 1000' with esp helm, and free action boots
Schpri Half troll priest with +4 str and con ring, FA boots, and godly insights

me and emulord tend to try to play these characters together. Our strategy is...Be ridiculously overlvl'd so that nothing ever stands a chance.In other words, skum. We usually go by the name of skumers inc. And by the way...
grisu wrote: 1000 lim half-troll/rogue lvl 22 x4 bow, dal-i-thalion
1000 limitw half-troll ranger lvl 20 katana-ea+2
Grisu...dal-i-thalion....Would you be willing to trade with Tulkas, my esp helm and free action boots for Dal-i-thalion? That would just be great. Cus I have some party people that already have esp. Awaiting your reply.
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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by Gorth » Wed 13.05.2009, 21:29

I have a few guys around. A warrior on 1k - Throg, a warrior on 1350 - Gorth and a warrior on 550 - Gorthy, a priest around 600 - Roppu

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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by Klexx The Malign » Fri 05.06.2009, 01:10

Hello everyone! I am wondering if any players would be interested in assembling a party for ironman. Ideally a party that meets one or more times per week to make progress, and push the limits of group play, fast diving, and good group strategy. Give me a PM here or just reply to this thread. I also play at least one hour per day so you could catch me in game.

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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by serina » Sat 27.06.2009, 18:44

2k Zal - priest
1k gtg ZalRun
1600 ZalCharge – Roppu, Blaze3, A Warrior.
1450 ZalDive – Warrior – Limits – Gorth?
2k ZalDiver
1k needs shopping - ZalKobold
1k Merchant ZalMag
1k gtg ZalMage
1k gtg ZalMagely
1k Merchant ZalMagus
1k needs shopping – ZalPri
1k needs shopping – Substitute AND HE FOUND ISTARI GLOVES THE BASTARD!
1250 ZalDivus
1k gtg Zalsa
1k ZalMagician with Lance of Westernesse, ring of STR and INT +6, regen cap and a whooping 98k in the bank :)
950' ZalDiving - mage
750 ZalTook - mage party with Meh with +10 speed boots (Thor), Dwarf (Warrior), Ant 55 (Didy) and Die Hard (Induriel)

I will keep the list up to date. UPDATED 1st of May 2011

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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by Michailski » Sun 28.06.2009, 00:49

Sorry about but Substitude isn´t longer in a Party with Pinky. Too much time and i tried it alone. Cleared almost of the level but wasn t able to survive.

Maybe a good moment to give my 10 Cents to this Partythread (Yeah 10 not 2, get it. ^^): I dont want to start 100 chars to leave them at 50 areas because i ll play them never or (with good luck in 3 month) again! I play my chars from the mainserver and they have to survive or they die, but they have to move ! (just said: nothing for bad to you Zal. I like to dive with you because i know it works good) But at all.. allmost of the Partychars here are not able to dive deeper because they haven´t enough Stuff/Money. The only working Party here is from Tulkas/Zendi.. (idk if they still exist. wasn´t here a few days).

I have to say sorry to Flex. The only One which has to wait for one of my Chars. I was too busy last time to play. If you left the Party, np. If not we can continue the next days if we are online at the same time. =)

Btw. Warrior. Do you remember the Party with Zal and Black Betty at the Main Server ? We asked you if we continue. How long is it ago ? I don´t know. But you can look into the logs if you want. I bet 5 - 6 Month.^^
Nothing for bad. I ll do my way allone if there isnt a new meeting with the Party (and if not its not a problem[Edit] means if i die). =)

All what i tried to say with that ton of words was: All Threats of the World will not help to hold a Party alive if the Partymembers are to rarely on (includes to be on but not to continue the partyplaying).
Thats what was shooting through my mind at the moment i saw the threat the first time. And thats why i did not post here earlier. =)

OT: I ll remove the Terminator 3 vs Jesus link from my signature soon. If you don t know it and you want to see... ... r_embedded Three little pigs
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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by Warrior » Sun 10.11.2013, 09:58

Anyone up for ironman?
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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by grisu » Mon 11.11.2013, 05:41

me, but its not so good running on my netbook.

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Re: The Official Ironman Party Thread!

Post by Ignatius » Mon 11.11.2013, 20:00

I have 3 characters at 1k feet. Will be happy to dive with someone if you have a character there as well.

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