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Server Updates

Post by Jug » Tue 13.12.2005, 15:01

There has been some minor game re-balancing for Ironman.

Spell casting characters start with an additional book and some item base prices have been reduced to match the Vanilla Angband 3.0.6 prices.  

* Healing pots value reduced to 300
* Speed pots reduced to 75
* *Healing* reduced to 1500
* Mages start with third book
* Priests start with third book
* Rangers start with second book
Additionally, a few other things have been updated to match Vanilla Angband 3.0.6:

* hitpoints per character level
* failure rate adjustments per character level
* mana gained per character level
* spells gained per level

More technical details of the changes are here.

- Jug

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