Ironman = true. Mangband history

Issues, news, and discussion specific to the Ironman variant.
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Ironman = true. Mangband history

Post by Warrior » Sat 16.06.2007, 12:29

I stumbled across this earlier today, it's from the old mangband forum over at, the site died a few years ago.It's from our discussions about adding the ZAngband vaults, back in October 1999. It started with me stating that I hated ZAngband and that we shouldn't add any of it's vaults. Back then I used to be pretty direct, to put it that way... in order to get my points through and a few people got a little upset when I classified the typical ZAngband character as an "immortal superman ZAng cheez shithead."
Unknown poster, (possibly Alex Dingle) wrote:"Hey Warrior! I've got a great idea! There are already too many vaults in MAngband, so lets REDUCE the number... Lets make 3 kinds of vaults -- Little vaults, larger vaults, and huge vaults... [sorry, couldn't resist...] Anyways, I hope you get my point, which is that more kinds of vaults makes things interesting."
Warrior wrote:LOL, I agree, I get your point and I've wondered why no one has made MIngband yet :)
Alex Dingle wrote: Haha, maybe we will add this in a future version... it could be a configoption : Ironman = true. ;-)
Just thought it was very cool to see that config option:Ironman = true
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Re: Ironman = true. Mangband history

Post by Billsey » Sun 17.06.2007, 01:20

Especially since in my compile that's all you do... Here's the config file entry for the test server on my laptop:

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# Run an Ironman game, no WoR, no upstairs, towns at 1000' and 2000'
IRONMAN = true
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