Official 2005 Competition Winner Announcement!

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Official 2005 Competition Winner Announcement!

Post by Jug » Mon 22.10.2007, 06:48

Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner!  Warrior, in an astounding display of MAngband skill has crushed the competition to become the official Ironman MAngband champion!  Truly a MangMaster.

Thanks to all the players who took part in the competition, I hope you all had fun.

Here's Warrior's vivid tale of adventure in his own words: -
I started this guy dec 3'rd after my first character got killed by a carrion crawler.
I found a Godly Insights at 250ft and a spear of slay evil at 400ft so I had a fairly good start.

I ran out of teleport scrolls around 600ft but got to the first dwarven hall at 1000 ft as lvl 18 after some spectacular play including the great trap door run at 850 and some other stuff like digging _really_ long corridors with my spear.

At 1050 I found the Phial (and broke its curse obviously, surviving almost a full month with it).

I also found an aquirement scroll, read tele level and went the wrong way twice so I decided to read the aquirement and it gave me Anguirel, thank you RNG.

I found myself at 1250 with 26 teleport scrolls but luckily Huma The Great came down and we partied for a short while until he got killed by a Stone Troll.

His death, however tragic, was good news for me as he had a large supply of teleport scrolls.

I didn't waste much time scumming levels for respawns but headed straight for 2k and reached it December 7'th as lvl 30. A day or two later I was joined by Jug and Zaxx.
We all spent quite some time at 2k, trading items between us and scumming the shops.

I left 2k and after a while Jug joined and we partied at 2050, 2100 and 2150, it was a lot of fun, a bit unlucky on our tele levels all going down, but oh well.

However, after we parted I managed to tele level back up to 2k and this time I had almost 300k worth of objects to sell so I was finally able to buy enough supplies for the great 3k run.

However, around this time my opponents in the competition was playing so slowly and cleverly I figured I'd put the pressure on them by not playing Warrior.

Instead I started a priest "Green" and my powerdive character "Diver" also got a few runs down the dungeon.

Anyway, I continued to play Warrior after this and he made 3000ft on December 22'nd.
I spent a short while there and then left. At this point I had about 2,500.000 exp and didn't really bother to try to clean out levels, I just killed what I felt like and picked up what I could get.

I eventually got to 4k after a pretty nerve wrecking dive, including a titanic vault at 3750, which resulted in about a full page of new uniques shown on the unique list.

I got to 4k on the 23'rd and went away for christmas holidays a few hours later and didn't get back until late on the 31'st.

About the death:

I tele leveled up to 3950 from 4k, onto a very messy level with unique C's and unique S, Saruman, Atlas, and a few greater undead as well as a few large and very bad hound packs.

I killed my first Law Wyrm and it dropped an elvenkind and a magi amulet and I intended to just go to 4k and sell it but I noticed a gorth room and a kolla in one of the rooms.
I carefully moved towards it, tele'd away Atlas after making sure that he was too tough to kill without risking too much and after a while I was close enough to try out my new strategy of "mass genocide" - brought one scroll.

However, I wasn't able to get quite close enough, so an Archlich survived. I quaffed a speed potion so I was no longer slow (-7) but instead fast (+3) (...) and ran towards the end of the gorth room in which the kolla was.

The room was full of Cave Trolls and after a few clever stone to muds I had total control of the situation. But then sadly the Archlich woke up, moved through the rock and bullied his way past the trolls and when I used my wands of teleport other the game automatically targeted the MIGHTY Cave Trolls instead.

Eventually, after having tried to kill off the lich I had to retreat and teleported away.
I ended up in a big room with saruman, a Knight Templar and a great hell wyrm so I instantly tele'd again. This time into another Archlich and an eye druj. I instantly tele'd again, knowing that my teleport other wand was empty and the eye drujs nether ball had pushed me down to a 6. This teleport sent me back to Saruman and friends.

This time I figured that I should leave the level, it was too dangerous to teleport around any longer.

Tele level however landed me next to a Great Wyrm of Law and after spending my 6 blows on two hits and four misses it wasted no time to breathe the one breath that I didn't resist, shards - powerfully.

And since it was still only a second since the eye druj cast its nether ball on me I was hurt enough for the shards to put me below 0 hp's... (-32 doh)


Looking back at it I should have quaffed healing BEFORE reading teleport level but a 6 turning into a @ is still a rather solid 700 hp's. So, unlucky toin coss with the tele level, unlucky toin coss with the law wyrm breathing instead of biting and finally unlucky it breathed shards
instead of sound.

I'm happy with my score though I never liked dying.

Thanks for the game, it was a lot of fun. :)

- Warrior
All that remains is for the champion to claim his prize!  What will you choose Warrior?  Please PM me your postal address too! :)

- Jug

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Re: Official 2005 Competition Winner Announcement!

Post by Warrior » Mon 05.11.2007, 16:21

Thank you, thank you!


I picked Bioshock and Remember That Night - David Gilmour - Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2 Disc Special Edition

Great prizes, been enjoying both today :)
-- Mangband Project Team Member

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Re: Official 2005 Competition Winner Announcement!

Post by Fink » Mon 05.11.2007, 17:00

Hats off to your Ironman!

Now get your butt to 2k and play that warrior you have sitting there on my server :P

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