Project OWE (OverWorld Expansion)

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Project OWE (OverWorld Expansion)

Post by Kom » Mon 20.10.2008, 02:47

I'm using a bunch of hacky methods of modifying overworld data within my server file... so far i've been able to create a road leading off to some separate temple looking thing at -7000 something feet. Said temple has some player owned shops within. I guess I'll keep here some other stuff that I do in case people care.

EDIT: as a quick note before i go to bed, the server is, which will be up for a while i hope, and i got some permanent lighting on that temple thing, so hooray for me.

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Re: Project OWE (OverWorld Expansion)

Post by nubnub » Fri 12.12.2008, 07:43

Speaking of awesome things on the overworld, check out -1250ft on the main server. It's been renovated.

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Re: Project OWE (OverWorld Expansion)

Post by Allona » Sat 13.12.2008, 04:38

hey ccan i work on a racnh there i like farms

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