Squelching Artifacts

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Squelching Artifacts

Post by greyshoe » Sat 21.05.2016, 22:52

This currently isnt a large problem on the regular server due to age of the instance and most of the arts being unavailable, but.......... What i think would be nice to impliment is Artifacts that a character has already found and subsequently sold, no longer appearing for them. Its very repeptitve on ironman finding narthanc (insert your unwanted art here) numerous times unless you either lug it around with you or leave it on a town level (bad idea).

It would make sense that once you found an Artifact, you wouldnt keep finding it. This would reduce the temptation by some to hoard artifacts so that they themselves dont keep finding the same ones they dont want also. So as long as a character hasnt died, artifacts they have already found wont reappear for them in the dungeon. Then if the player dies, that could trigger a reset of arts for them, additionally in the player menu there could be a line to reset arts for them anytime they wish to. But I think this would be a fairly decent improvement to how artifacts work currently.


*edit: To be clear, the reset would only reset all artifacts that are not possessed by another character on the instance. Not an opening of all artifacts.

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Re: Squelching Artifacts

Post by PowerWyrm » Sun 22.05.2016, 13:24

This is already implemented in MAngband, although I'm not sure if it's not a 1.2 feature only. You just need to change the PRESERVE_ARTIFACTS server option in mangband.cfg and set it to 3. Easy to change for ironman only.

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