Ghost as a player type

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Ghost as a player type

Post by Emulord » Fri 09.03.2012, 17:58

This would be a hidden feature. Select brave as a level 1 ghost and you can hold and equip items, but you're still a ghost. You'd lose some stats as a racial "bonus". Moving through walls is pretty powerful. Permadeath, cannot be resurrected to a regular player again.

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Re: Ghost as a player type

Post by Ace » Wed 09.05.2012, 11:14

Nah, mangband isabout heroes! :) You can always kill yourself at lvl 1 and continue your life as a ghost or?

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Re: Ghost as a player type

Post by PowerWyrm » Wed 09.05.2012, 11:34

Ghosts have 1 bpr and 1 damage. Basically you can't hit a damn thing...

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