Gold and inscriptions

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Gold and inscriptions

Post by Gaël » Thu 22.08.2013, 19:50

When you drop some gold, you can inscribe it, but if you try to look at it, the inscription doesn't show up. If you stay on the inscribed gold and try to uninscribe it, it works like it has been inscribed. If you try to uninscribe some gold that isn't inscribed, you get the right message about there being no inscription to remove.

(Very minor thing while on the topic of gold, if you pick up 1AU, it will talk of "gold pieces")

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Re: Gold and inscriptions

Post by Flambard » Mon 11.02.2019, 11:48

I don't believe you can inscribe gold piles in the latest versions, but I'm on the spelling bug. #1196.

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