[RESOLVED] Mage book stacking in house

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[RESOLVED] Mage book stacking in house

Post by karis » Thu 20.08.2009, 09:21

Next house problem:
I tried to drop mage books in a full house on top of other mage books. The dropped mage books vanished.
I made sure to stay on the top of the right book pile (i.e. Resistances), when dropping another book of the same type on the pile. And the inscription was definitly the same. And I was able to reproduce it.
Otherwise i do the same things with *healing* pots and staffs, this works.

The house is a 5x2 house in town, [0, 2].

Or is this a desired feature?

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Re: Mage book stacking in house

Post by Warrior » Fri 21.08.2009, 17:58

I never knew this was possible. Maybe it's because I'm paranoid about my stuff so I never really tried this. Can anyone verify this is the way it's supposed to work?
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Re: Mage book stacking in house

Post by Flambard » Thu 06.06.2019, 14:32

Yes, when dropping things on floor, things shall stack first, crush other items/vanish later.

I'll take a look at magic books.

OK, yeah, our current floor stacking mechanism only allows potions, scrolls, food and ammo.

In Angband, everything gets stacked correctly, so this is a horrible bug.

Fixed in #597.

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