[RESOLVED] Ticket #1009: Retired characters might leave corrupt grid

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[RESOLVED] Ticket #1009: Retired characters might leave corrupt grid

Post by PowerWyrm » Mon 25.02.2013, 12:36

Since I still don't have my password back and I can't post comments on trac, I'll put them here:
- setting p_ptr->depth = 0 in kingly() makes Delete_player fail in a really nasty way, since the player is not really in town; this should be removed at once (I checked TomeNET's code, and this has been removed ages ago in that code)
- the p_ptr->depth = 0 line comes from Vanilla code, in which retiring is final since there's only one player, so it doesn't matter; the code exists since frog-knows (the first version)

So feel free to fix that. I'd say make a fix in the current stable code, not only in 1.2, and update the current instance. It would be nice to add some debug code to remove the existing clones, so players don't fear their chars being wiped because of a clone being killed somewhere.

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