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MAngband 1.5.0 beta bugs

Posted: Thu 14.03.2019, 18:39
by Flambard
Topic for all the bugs that are found during 1.5.0 beta test.

Expect that a) you'll need to re-download the client often b) server savefiles will be destroyed frequently.

I'll also post updates when/if client re-download is necessary and/or the server is wiped.

How to play?

Make sure to backup your regular client install and the .prf files!


The semi-automatic builds are kept here:

Download and, and extract to some folder ("C:\MangbandBetaTest"). When/if updates come, those zip files will be automatically updated, so you'll have to re-download them, from the same link.


Download the .dmg from here and drag "MAngclient_dev" into "Applications" folder. When/if updates come, the .dmg file will be automatically updated, so you'll have to download the new one, from the same link.


For the time being, we expect you to compile from git, master branch.

How to report bugs?

We rely on your help to identify and squelch as many bugs as possible. If you see something, anything at all, that doesn't look right, please go ahead and tell us.

You can simply use this very thread, post issues at github and of-course, chat to us on Discord.

Re: MAngband 1.5.0 beta test

Posted: Fri 15.03.2019, 06:31
by Flambard
Writing down some things from Discord:
[Morvan] I tried the character creation on the preview server and it says paladi in the sdl version for me (windows 10).
Thank you, fixed!
[CoCo] I did some testing on the server too but stores didn't work
[Morvan] They are locked, like if stealing had been reanabled and abused.
Thank you, fixed!
[CoCo] how to examine my items used to use something before
[CoCo] seems kinda borked now
Shift+i should do the trick. I'll take a look. Update: works for me.
[CoCo] a feature I would like added is some way to find your
[CoCo] house(s) and no keys needed hell I may have one now and
It's on the knowledge screen ('#', 4)
[Morvan] The sdl client didn't show the chat or inventory.
I'll take a look at the default settings, for now you can Right-Click on any empty space or on the main window, to enable terminals, and Right-Click on any terminal to close it. (And you can use Left-Click-Drag to move terminals around; Ctrl+Left-Click-Drag to resize them).

Update: fixed! (You'll have to reinstall new beta client to see correct default settings).