****ing Trolls

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****ing Trolls

Post by CloneDeath » Mon 06.07.2009, 14:19

You don't know what "Hunger" is until you make a Half-Troll. I was playing with my Room mate, and I logged on quickly as Grimmore (Half-Troll Warior). After I got in, he started asking all these questions about character creation. I set my laptop aside and tried to help him. When I finally yelled out "Just download Angband, make a char on that, then make the same char on MAngband" and went back to my laptop, I discovered that in that short period of time, it auto-logged me for starving to death.

Grimmore is powerful enough to take on swarms of orcs, 8 at a time, with EASE, but the fatty can't last 2 minutes without a snack -_-.

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Re: ****ing Trolls

Post by PowerWyrm » Tue 07.07.2009, 11:35

Wait till your char is Fast (+30) ;)

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