Welcome to the new mangband.org!

Official MAngband News Annoucements
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Welcome to the new mangband.org!

Post by Jug » Wed 05.12.2007, 11:06

What's changed?

The Game Server
You should be able to login as usual, all characters and progress have been preserved. We have fixed some bugs and made a few minor tweaks here and there, more detailed information is available below.

If you use a very old or customised client to play the game you may be unable to connect. The vast majority of players will not be effected by this. If you are effected, you will be directed to download a supported client when you login.

The server has moved from America to Europe. European players will experience a bit less lag than in the past, US players will experience a bit more. Effectively European players will experience what US players have for the last 10 years, and US players will experience what European players have. This seems somewhat fair.

The Forums
These have undergone some restructuring and consolidation, this process is ongoing so please bear with us as posts are moved to their correct locations and we continue to tidy up.

There has been, and will continue to be, an effort to separate developer technical chat from the standard player chat.

The Website
Although the website has changed it's look, not much else would seem to have changed. Some old out of date documentation has not been copied across from the old site, an effort is under way to provide more up to date documentation.

Under the hood the technology supporting the website has changed quite a bit, expect to soon see several game integrated features, such as online character dumps and ladders.

The IRC Server
Although currently still available, will be shutdown within two months or so. Please update your settings to connect to irc.perl.org now. Channel #mangband will continue (even after this shutdown) to provide a place to hang out and provide a link to the in game chat.

Developer/Project Changes

The information that follows is not required reading to play the game, but is intended for developers and whomever else might be interested.

Crimson has passed the MAngband torch on to the “MAngband Project Teamâ€

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