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New Year News

Post by Jug » Thu 27.12.2007, 21:18

I'm pleased to bring you a holiday news update on behalf of the team!

We're excited that things have gone so well thus far. All the old bugs which have troubled MAngband players over the years have hopefully been fixed and many enhancements to the game have been added, with more on the way! Work towards rebalancing the game based on Angband 3.0.6 is going very well and it'll be great to see tougher challenges for the experienced players, and a better deal for the less experienced or new player.

When will all this be available on the main server? We're currently hoping to update both the client and the server sometime in February (probably more towards the end of the month).

In the run up to release we are now maintaining a simple list of changes since the last version. We'll keep this list updated with the latest changes as we move towards release date.

For latest changes see: The Changelog

For the technical minded folk we have finally completed configuration of our project development environment (we hope!) to which full access is now available. Source code for all development branches is available online as well as full access to all the technical details regarding fixes and enhancements.

For obtaining source code see: Obtaining Source Code

I hope you have a great new year and see you in the dungeon soon!

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Post by PowerWyrm » Fri 28.12.2007, 00:31

That's awesome... thanx!

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