Public MAngband 1.1.0 beta test server

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Public MAngband 1.1.0 beta test server

Post by Warrior » Fri 14.03.2008, 19:11


We recently sat down to evaluate the progress we've made the last few months and realized we were actually closer to our vision of 1.1.0 than expected so we decided to complete that work. Now we're ready and we need your help! Starting Monday 17th March there will be a public beta test server at, which you will need a special test client to play on. Since it's a beta server the client may need updates as we (you!) find bugs. This special client will be available from the download page. We encourage everyone to try out the new features and keep an eye open for bugs (and report them) but most of all just play and have fun! :)

We'll run this in parallel with the main server so you will be able to play on both, mind you however that the current instance (1.0.0) will be replaced by a permanent 1.1.0 server once the beta test period is over. See dates below.

The current schedule is:

Monday 17th March - Public beta test begins
Monday 31st March - Beta ends. Server reset and new instance is begun!

-- The MAngband Project Team

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