Server restored!

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Server restored!

Post by Flambard » Tue 25.01.2011, 21:48

As of today, is fully restored. Sorry it took so long. There's still some polishing to do, but everything, including account sign up, should work again. As always, please report any encountered problems to the forums or IRC.

- Flambard 22th April 2011

Sadly, suffered a malicious attack which took the server offline. A partial service has now been restored. The game server is online, and we expect there to be no loss of data.

We continue to work hard on restoring the website.

- Jug 10th January 2011

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Re: Server restore

Post by Billsey » Thu 27.01.2011, 21:50

I just wanted to say what a GREAT job Jug and Flambard have been doing in getting things back up and running. I've mostly been sitting in the background watching, and it's pretty amazing just how much is getting redone, better than ever!

(Editing Billsey's message to keep log here (for now))
10 Jan 13:55 UTC DNS updates. Done
10 Jan 14:00 UTC System rebuild. Done
10 Jan 14:00 UTC Placeholder webpage. Done
10 Jan 14:15 UTC Initial system configuration. Done
10 Jan 15:15 UTC Migrate game data. Done
10 Jan 15:20 UTC Install game server Done
10 Jan 15:30 UTC Install meta server (old version) Done
10 Jan 15:35 UTC Bring game server online Done
10 Jan 15:35 UTC Migrate SQL databases Done
10 Jan 15:45 UTC Check game server installation Done
10 Jan 21:20 UTC Resurrect mangbot/metaserver (flambard) Done
25 Jan 19:00 CET Partially restore original website Done
25 Jan 22:50 CET Partially restore forums Done
25 Jan 23:00 CET Ensure SSL works Done
26 Jan 06:00 CET Restore SVN Done
26 Jan 06:30 CET Partially restore Trac Done
21 Apr 23:00 CET Setup dump/monster import Done
22 Apr 00:00 CET Migrate LDAP database Done
22 Apr 00:30 CET Restore passwd tool Done
22 Apr 01:00 CET Allow user sign up Done
22 Apr 01:30 CET Fix minor website bugs Done
Enable DNS nameservers (in progress)
Restore backup mechanism (in progress)
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Re: Server restore

Post by Warrior » Thu 27.01.2011, 22:49

Hear, hear!
-- Mangband Project Team Member

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Re: Server restore

Post by serina » Fri 28.01.2011, 20:01

Wow Jug is back if he was ever away. And nicely done to both of you. Appreciate it lots and lots :)


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