New Project Team member!

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New Project Team member!

Post by Warrior » Fri 01.03.2013, 10:19

Long time player and contributor Thorbear has now officially joined the team! Thorbear is a fine chap who knows his way around the code as well as the dungeon, a combination that is most useful :)

So please give him a warm welcome!
-- Mangband Project Team Member

Crystal Ooze
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Re: New Project Team member!

Post by serina » Tue 05.03.2013, 21:21

Congrats THOR!

Make us proud :D - oh wait. You already have with that incredible bot of yours :)


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Re: New Project Team member!

Post by PowerWyrm » Wed 06.03.2013, 12:29

Good news... maybe 1.2 will be released some day after all ;)

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Re: New Project Team member!

Post by Ace » Tue 02.04.2013, 18:39

Gratz Thorbear ;)

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