Happy Holidays (aka The house expansion project)

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Happy Holidays (aka The house expansion project)

Post by Warrior » Mon 23.12.2013, 19:18

Background: Our server instance has had a very long life, which in turn means that we've had (and have) quite a few high level players.
While this naturally is good and well, the downside to it is that there aren't many large houses available to the active players these days. Some level 50's find themselves forced stay in the houses they bought at level 30 and I'm sure most will agree that if you've played enough to get to level 50, it's only fair to be "rewarded" with a proper home.

The way that house generation currently works is this; the game generates a certain amount of houses, randomly placed and sized in town and the surrounding suburbs. This is a one time thing, generate once - and you're stuck with it.
Anyway: In order to resolve the shortage of nice big homes we've decided to just increase the size of some existing houses!

Go to the Huge House Wishlist! for more details.
-- Mangband Project Team Member

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Re: Happy Holidays (aka The house expansion project)

Post by QualtaBlade » Sun 23.02.2014, 21:28

Hey warrior,

I am interested in the two house at -500 but wondered if you would be able to help with the tree problem :)

I don't mind digging them but I think they just grow back don't they?

I have the money for both too :)

thanks QB

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