Tips on Killing Morgoth

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Tips on Killing Morgoth

Post by userjjb » Thu 01.04.2010, 06:20

My priest on Cheezband is itching to kill Morgoth, but I have no clue how to go about this. Any tips or comments would be appreciated.

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Re: Tips on Killing Morgoth

Post by schroeder » Thu 01.04.2010, 09:50

Get a nice weapon, like a mace of disruption of slay evil (it will do astounding damage because of the dice, its weight for crits, and the slay) make sure you get 4bpr, get 0% fail on heal1000, get restore mana pots.
If you feel like it, get some berserk strength and heroism potions to quaff before the fight, for extra HP and tohit.

Then, find a nice, permawall vault in which you can fight morgoth.The permawals will make it so that he can't summon as much.

Have both you and him be in there at the same time.




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