House trouble

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House trouble

Post by SteelDragon » Mon 09.05.2016, 15:46

My character Steel Dragon owns and uses one house but it won't let me buy another. I am wondering if I accidentally bought a house without realizing or forgot to sell an old one, but if I did I can't find it. Is there anyway to at least get the general town coordinates of a players house(s)? The town map on the website doesn't look updated.

On another note, would it be hard for a DM to fix all the of the broken houses around down and make them useable? I have three characters approaching lvl 40+ and the decently sized houses are all pretty much taken or broken.

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Re: House trouble

Post by PowerWyrm » Sun 22.05.2016, 13:30

My character Senyakaze has the same problem. It was a character I created at the beginning of the instance and suffered from the "wilderness reset" problem. Basically at one point, all houses in the town suburb area were reset and relocated elsewhere, so even if you could get back all items that were not relocated inside houses, the house slot you had before was lost. This means instead of two houses, you could only buy one (or even zero if you had two houses in the reset area).

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