**KING** Steel

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**KING** Steel

Post by Steel_Dragon » Tue 10.02.2004, 15:18

Well, today i vanquished the Evil Lord of Darkness, Morgoth. I have been Kinged....well, Queened, Steel is a Female High Elf :)

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Re: **King** Steel

Post by Hades » Tue 10.02.2004, 17:09

Good Job man im glade to hear it ;). After having a harsh time on the Rohan server you managesd to suvive and kiled Morgy good job.  ;D
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Re: **King** Steel

Post by Narchan » Tue 10.02.2004, 19:10

W00t! Nice job.

uh oh

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Re: **King** Steel

Post by Crimson » Tue 10.02.2004, 20:29

Ooooo.  Nice.

Which artifacts did you have when you won?, what race/class, etc?

Rock on.
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Re: **King** Steel

Post by Steel_Dragon » Wed 11.02.2004, 09:02

I was a High Elf Mage, this is my equip:

the bastard sword "Calaris"
Long bow of Numenor
Ring of Speed +13
Ring of Speed +14
Magi Amulet res sound
The Adamantite Plate Mail Soulkeeper
Kolla of Stealth +2
Orcish Shield +2
Crown of the Magi +3 with esp
Istari gloves +3 res blind
and boots of speed +10

I had around 160 base AC and +27 to damage.

deciding to fight him was quite spontanious, i had just died,  then got pk'd, then died again bringing me down to lvl 41, then finally just got back up to 50 when i figured i would test morgoth out a little, i put on my MOD westie and went hunting, after a few minutes of battle, i realized that morgoth isn't considered a giant like a thought since he wasn't even down one star, so i recalled up, had berendol check BAE and he confirmed that morgoth isn't a "giant".  So i re-equiped Calaris, grabbed my 13 *heal*'s and 10 life pots, found him in a nice snake vault, and went to work.  Kinda funny though, I had him down to one star, then draebor the imp tele'd me out of the vault, so i ran back in but he was already back up to 3 stars. well, then i killed him. used about 8 heal pots and 3 *heal* pots and 20 restore mana pots.

So when do I move to the King lounge? :)

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Re: **King** Steel

Post by Berendol » Wed 11.02.2004, 09:21

Sweet. Wish I'd stuck around to see it after we discussed his giantship... stupid having a job!
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Re: **King** Steel

Post by Fink » Wed 11.02.2004, 10:46

Awesome! Grat's man! Now, of course: what's next?


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