Team **QUEEN** Emulord

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Team **QUEEN** Emulord

Post by Emulord » Mon 09.03.2009, 07:16

Btw, I chose female since they start with more money :)

So as most of you probably know, I LOOOOVEE early game, so Schroeder took Emulord after I got to level 38. He got her to level 40, at which point the insane Alter Reality / Clairvoyance combo destroys game balance. Then he found Power Dragon Scale mail, Cubragol and the One Ring within 24 hours. Only after that did he farm dragon and demon pits to gain to level 50.

He decided it would be awesome if I won, so he gave me back Emulord after finishing the important uniques. I set up these macros:
F1 -Glyph of Warding \
F2 -*HEAL* pot > so I only need 3 fingers for the final fight
F3 -Restore Mana Pot /
F4 -Book teleport - To escape morgy when I first summoned him

F5 -Restore Mana Staff
F6 -Alter Reality \
F7 -Book Word of Destruction > This allowed me to F6 F7 F8 to reset the level
F8 -Clairvoyance /

F9 -Summon Monster
F10 -Holy Chant \
F11 -Hero/Berzerk > My buff order was all holy chants, most heros, all speed, rest heros all berzerks
F12 -Speed /

So when Schroeder gave me the char, I had to figure out the best way to maximize my character. I had a tough decision for Gorlim, since it gave me only marginaly better AC than my lordliness crown and marginally better to-hit and to-dam. It ruined my 0% fail rate and took away 83 mana. But, since to-hit, AC, and to-dam are all that matters against morgy, I took it. 3% fail on Rune of Protection was good enough. Everything else I had was an obvious choice.

My first attempt was exactly a week ago, and it took forever to find the lesser maze vault, and it ended with a hilarious fail (video to be uploaded). Also, the level had 2 lesser maze vaults, the second of which already had Morgy in it. After trying to summon him for an hour, I figured he had to be trapped somewhere, and there he was, already in the vault I wanted him in. For the rest of this, await the video!

Anyways, this time around, it was relatively fast to find the Lesser maze vault, and also quick to summon Morgoth. I teleported and ran back to the vault and lured him to the right spot using runes to alter his pathfinding.This is when the emu-win video (when it gets uploaded) starts. I used all my buffs, and sprinted into the vault to try to beat morgy to the zigzag part. I screwed up the first time, so I had to barely run back and luckily he didnt see or summon on me. Then, I immediately tried again, since I had to try again before my buffs ran out. This time, I made it by the skin of my teeth. He earthquaked me, sealing the way behind me with rock. At least I wont get summoned from behind now. I runed under me. I wanted to step forward and rune again, but Morgoth mana-stormed and nether balled me in the same turn. I had about 150 health in that instant. I *HEAL*ed in the nick of time. Later he stepped back. I pressed forward, runing again.

The battle went swimmingly for some time, but eventually he broke the rune and Earthquaked me in the same turn, so I freaked out and quaffed a pile of *HEAL*s. This hit pushed me back and opened a square behind me. Some summons happened, but none were serious except for a Great Wyrm of many colors which happened very late into the fight. Luckily I had immunity base, which made me survive.
I managed to beat through Morgoths last 2 stars and won (The great wyrm of many colors seemed to vanish. hmm). Then the summons were no match, and I victoriously claimed the Massive Iron Crown and the Mighty Hammer Grond.

(I'll try to get the log and videos soon. Maybe screenshots too. idk)

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Re: Team **QUEEN** Emulord

Post by schroeder » Mon 09.03.2009, 07:58

Here are the links to the videos! Warrior or someone, please upload them to the site.
Part 1: The epic. ... t.rar.html
or ... t.rar.html if too many people have downloaded from the first way
Part 2: The endgame.

It can only be downloaded from rapidshare 10 times, hence the 2 links.

I also have some screanshots of the stats and all. He still had the hero and holy buffs on
emuability.JPG (35.41 KiB) Viewed 6260 times
Without buffs, emulord has 12 hp under the average for a lvl 50 dwarf priest, if i'm doing the calculation right (max roll for 1st lvl, and average for all others)
emustats.JPG (52.62 KiB) Viewed 6261 times
emugeer.JPG (50.03 KiB) Viewed 6260 times
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