So you made it to lvl 20. What're the new dangers to come.

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So you made it to lvl 20. What're the new dangers to come.

Post by serina » Tue 12.08.2008, 01:34

So you made it to lvl 20. What're the new dangers to come.

"Those novice paladins can't still be causing me trouble, can they?" YEAH THEY CAN!

Top 10 Killers (High)
8 heros killed by a Novice paladin


Ok what else. all p might have nasty abilities. Grey p, pink p, light green p and such. Many of these summon nasty stuff. One inparticular doesn't summon stuff, but have made the monster highscore list anyway...

14 heros killed by Gorlim, Betrayer of Barahir

GOSH! He's a black/grey p. Don't think it's just an easy black knight or some such. You will die to him.

And back to all those summoners. What're some of their favourite summons. They're also in the monster highscore:

30 heros killed by an Air hound
16 heros killed by a Vibration hound
13 heros killed by a Time hound (always fear these. They're one of the toughest opponents in Mangband. Even at lvl 50)
10 heros killed by an Inertia hound
9 heros killed by an Earth hound
8 heros killed by a Gravity hound
8 heros killed by a Cold hound

Notice how all of these are the letter Z. The letter Z is nasty because when they're summoned, they're summoned in *PACKS* meaning up to 20 max I believe. 20 hounds kills anyone, even someone anticipating a summon from a monster.


The last entry on the monster high-score is:
10 heros killed by poison

Bad luck or running out of healing potions and not thinking about the "m2d" or "p3a" spells that everyone but a warrior can have at lvl 20+. I'm guilty in 2 of those poison deaths because I teleported from summoned air hounds or similar with 1 or 0 HP left.

Conclusion is: Don't fight summoners unless you really have to. And you never have to... Well unless you are greedy and wanting something they're guarding. Summoners rarely have a good "xp vs. risk" reward. And rarely drop many items either.

PS. You are using scrolls of magic mapping (shop 5) to get a tactical advantage when fighting the Z-hounds, right?
PPS. You are using scrolls of detect invisible (shop 5) to detect those Q (they SUMMON SUMMON SUMMON) that aren't detected by summon monster or detect evil spells, right?


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