How do you get better resistances?

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Re: How do you get better resistances?

Post by PowerWyrm » Thu 16.09.2010, 12:36

You can't rely on artifacts. At this point of time (server running for 3 years or so), only the crappiest artifacts remain, most of them having pathetic abilities (+searching, slays, one base resist...). If you're looking for a particular resist, check the ego descriptions (usually a random resist) and base item descriptions.

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Re: How do you get better resistances?

Post by serina » Thu 16.09.2010, 19:13

Hehe. Funny to revive a 2 years old question-thread. Were many others wondering about this?

I'm just wondering because I find it funny.



Re: How do you get better resistances?
by Bomben on 18 Aug 2008 16:01

Thanks for the quick answers, guys.

by BlackNight on 16 Sep 2010 03:37

hi FlyveHest

it is better to used artifacts to gain resistance. if you are fast learner you can do it in a seconds.

but it depends always on the fight but always get ready because there are some player

who has faster then you but be sure to use artifact in resistance

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