The warrior at 1k and below survival-kit

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The warrior at 1k and below survival-kit

Post by serina » Fri 03.10.2008, 21:32

It takes up inventory... ALOT of inventory, but on the bright side, you get to survive and you will find more (excellents) the deeper you go ;)

I see alot of warriors and other meleers dying alot at early/mid-level stages. These can be avoided I think, so here goes...

Naturally you need an excellent weapon with alot of blows per round, FA, damage rings etc. But that changes alot during the game. The survival-kit isn't equipped gear, it's alot of gadgets you need in order to survive. Don't be stingy, cause then you die, so use them before you're in serious trouble ie. As soon as you notice your HP dropping rapidly.

- x potions of Speed (above lvl 35, you can switch to staves of speed if you INT isn't horrible)
- 10-20 potions of Heroism (to cure being "afraid" and for +to-hit when needed)
- 20-60 potions of Cure Serious or Cure Critical Wounds (to heal and cure blindness/confusion)
- x potions of Healing (as many as you can get)
- 20+ scrolls of Phase Door (short range escape)
- 5-20 scrolls of Teleportation (swap to *destruction* scrolls AND staves when you get to 1800 or below)
- 5 scrolls Word of recall or rod.
- x scrolls of identify (So you bring up only items worth ALOT)
- 10-15 scrolls of Recharging
- 20-40 scrolls of Magic Mapping (tatical advantage matters ALOT so you can see if wish to use phase door or other escape)
- 20-40 scrolls of Detect Invisible (to avoid dying to a Q summmoning on you, and to be able to detect nasty G like Dreads)
- x Rods of Detection (if you're that lucky/rich) ;)
- Rod of Perception (if you're that lucky/rich)
- x wands of Teleport Other (great way to get rid of uniques you can't kill. Also works against the lame monsters you don't wat to fight)
- x wands of Stone to Mud (can't dig properly without them...)
- x staves of Perception (unless you prefer scrolls. Reason for having more than 1 is that you recharge all at once with 1 scroll)
- x staves of Object Detection (helping to determine risk vs reward and to find more items. These may be ommitted)
- x staves of Trap Location (can be ommitted if you use rods of detection or trap location)
- Ammo. arrows, bolts etc. (Can be ommitted, but makes it hard to tackle some situations)

And with all of this stuff, you'll have room for 3-4 pieces of Loot in your pack. So only bring up stuff if you're hard-pressed on cash, or if you happen to find some (excellent) worth alot of money, bring them up ;) You can also drop the scrolls of identify or WoR-scrolls or anything you can easily replace to bring up valuable loots.

Just a couple of pointers from a non-uber-warriors point of view.

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Re: The warrior at 1k and below survival-kit

Post by Ashi » Sat 04.10.2008, 03:19

Don't forget Satisfy Hunger or food rations! Although I used to just take one ration/scroll with me, so I could just eat when I needed another inventory slot. This worked great up until I started using speed rings, which consume LOTS of food. I almost starved to death in a vault! It was pretty funny, actually, since I got to the point where I got paralyzed after every step... and had to get to the other end of that hallway to reach a mushroom... almost didn't make it!

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