The Strain of Ghostly Powers

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The Strain of Ghostly Powers

Post by Crimson » Thu 11.12.2008, 17:09

Thorbear inquired about how ghost spells work, so here's the scoop.

Ghostly powers are handled by a simple table, repeated for every class. The spells are listed here by the level required

Name Level Mana.

Blink 1 1
Terrify 10 2
Confuse 15 3
Teleport 20 5
Nether bolt 25 10
Nether Ball 35 60
Darkness storm 45 100

Once invoked the following algorithm is used to compute experience cost:

The spell level is multiplied by the basic mana cost of the spell, this value is deducted from the player's experience.
If the player would have gone negative in experience, 5000 is subtracted from the players hitpoints, killing them.

For instance, a player casting Blink gets subtracted 1 exp point. A player casting Darkness storm gets subtracted 4500 exp points.
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Re: The Strain of Ghostly Powers

Post by PowerWyrm » Fri 12.12.2008, 12:35

Mid and high level players often don't know about these ghost spells... and when they die, they instantly float up/down to avoid having their ghost destroyed when attacked in walls from Gs or other passwall/killwall monsters.
Starting from level 20, players should macro Teleport from the undead set of spells.

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Re: The Strain of Ghostly Powers

Post by Ace » Fri 12.12.2008, 14:46

Would be cool to have word of recall in the spell list... no upfloating..

I didnt even know that gfhost powers cost XP...

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Re: The Strain of Ghostly Powers

Post by Prosper » Sat 14.02.2009, 03:03

Ghostly powers are fun. I got a lvl 41 half-troll as a ghost to fool around with them. Netherball is quite powerfull. I have about 800hp and I sometimes haunt down to -1000ft. I killed a few low level uniques and some orc pits as a ghost. The lack of AC is kinda not fun but hey.. its a ghost.

If any low level char needs a 'guardian angel' Let me know.

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