Mages and banishment

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Mages and banishment

Post by PowerWyrm » Fri 09.01.2009, 12:29

Banishment is a nice spell... but it can easily kill you if you aren't careful.
1) Avoid casting it without a large amount of hps - don't even try without 600 hps, 800hps recommended (check one of Poundy's recent deaths - banishment ate more than 800 hps)
2) Avoid banishing orcs, trolls, demons and dragons - they come in pits and in packs
3) Avoid banishing hounds - there are often multiple packs on a level
4) Stay in a large room to banish stuff - in case you die, at least your stuff will survive if you can be rescued

Crystal Ooze
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Re: Mages and banishment

Post by Ace » Fri 09.01.2009, 13:11

Instead of banishment use mass banishment it only kills monsters surrounding you so you can "guess" with ESP / detection how much HP youll loose.

Ill add this to the "when to use which spell thread" :)

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