Potions in the Inventory

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Potions in the Inventory

Post by Michailski » Sun 22.02.2009, 22:14

Its just a Question based on a Chardump. But maybe it s a hint. Find out by yourself. ;)
The Question is: Who need 47 Healings and 17 Enlightenments or 20 Potions of *Healing* and 15 Potions of Enlightenment in his Inventory ? I would wonder about a Midlevel with that because from 2k are 5 levels enough to have a filled Inventory (with nice excellents). But allmost I wonder if it is a Hilevelplayer which dive at the bottom. Starting at 6k means to visit 8 levels at all (the first inc.) if you havent "Alter Reality" and if you are not that crazy to stair < up, you have to recall than. For what are the remaining Enlightenments in the Inv. ? A Gift for the Mighty God RNG ?^^
Pls. No One can tell me: Thats because he is to lazy to get new from his House. I dive at 4k and nearly every dive ends with Stuff i would never sell to the traders. Down there is better Stuff to find.
The same with the Healings. 47 of them are really enougth to be a long time gorged imho.^^
But i never tried because...
1.) I dive with 10 Healings. Rarely +/- 2.
2.) I use them nearly never. Only if I get in troubles and then i use 2 or 3 and if that isnt enougth i *dest* or i die. (The Paladin has good prayers. If needet he can heal his Wounds by them.)

Of course. I could say/think: "Nice. I`ll sell new Pots." But i have a better feeling if the buyers from my Shops have a Win for the Money. I feel better if some Items remain for other Players. And of course my Chars buy at my Shops too.
But allmost. I dont like if someone loose a lot more then he must. The Death is hard here. (Are you shure that Death is harder in RL ?^^).

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Re: Potions in the Inventory

Post by Maegdae » Mon 23.02.2009, 09:24

I agree with your logic (and don't usually carry *heals with me). I should carry less =) However, I sometimes have multiple heals break, and other times use many more than I expect. I don't like to have to abandon a good vault after running out =)
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Re: Potions in the Inventory

Post by PowerWyrm » Mon 23.02.2009, 13:08

Note that the number of heals carried really depend on class...
Mages, priests and paladins could even play without any heals: they have the proper spells to avoid using potions.
Other classes must carry heals. Sometimes, the character isn't strong enough to kill high level monsters/uniques without quaffing a lot of them.

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