Shut your mouth while slaying evil!

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Shut your mouth while slaying evil!

Post by PowerWyrm » Tue 17.03.2009, 13:37

My last character experienced this bitter death. I was typing a response to a comment about killing Atlas when suddenly a message was prompted "It invokes a darkness storm." Seeing nothing, it seemed that something offscreen was able to cast spells at my character, so I promptly pressed the tele macro. Nothing. One turn later, The Mouth of Sauron popped up right of my current position in the corridor I was standing. And pomptly summoned greater demons... which resulted in the appearance of The Balrog of Moria and his huge escort. Starting to get desperate, I pressed the tele macro again... and still no response. No need to tell there was no other turn available to that character to survive.
The problem of typing a message in the Windows client is that it puts the focus to the chat window (doesn't happen with SDL, or older clients...), and of course it redirects all keyboard input to that window... which means no macros available while typing! In cases like this, you don't have time to waste to press ESC before pressing a macro command...
Moral of the story: shut your mouth while slaying evil!

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Re: Shut your mouth while slaying evil!

Post by Beholder » Tue 17.03.2009, 18:32

In fact you have to use the mouse click the main windows , and then press the maco key.
same happends when you are out of potions.. that the game keep sayin "what potion do you want to quaf?" !!!

This microsecond you spend to press scape is enougth to be dead .

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Re: Shut your mouth while slaying evil!

Post by Emulord » Wed 18.03.2009, 04:45

when I notice things like this happening I hit esc, macro key, just because I can never be 100% sure when I need to esc something.

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...and don`t stay near a ZocD while checking the Monsterspoi

Post by Michailski » Wed 18.03.2009, 12:00

It remembers me how my Priest "Pinky" died. ... 1828963434

He was a lucky One, leveled fast and found really good Stuff (He was ready to take over the World^^). Then i found this ZocD. Like usual i opened the Monsterspoiler on a reduced window to check if i can take it. But Quaker didn`t feel about to wait. He did an Earthquake and opend the Walls. I saw it and clicked at the Mainwindow. Then i pressed F3 (my teleport macro) and a searching window opened at my browser. Okay, i watched helpless how he died. Maybe the mouseclick on the Mainwindow wasn`t registered but that doesn`t change anything to that what happened. Pinky was not a brave Char and worth to get rescued. I logged Jordan and recalled down. But i seems Quaker really hated Pinky. Nearly all his Stuff was destroyed. The Esp Crown too. So i sold the remaining Items and suicided with Pinky. It still hurt a little bit, but i learned....

NEVER stay near a ZocD while checking the Monsterspoiler ! ;) ... r_embedded Three little pigs
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Re: Shut your mouth while slaying evil!

Post by Beholder » Wed 18.03.2009, 13:35

well the same happends to me, but instead of being quacker was Atlas the titan.
i was trying to identify the monster inside the dungeon.. and suddenly if goes out of the dungeon, and kill me in two rounds.
lucky me, Atlas didn;t take my things, i only lost the boots of speed +9 :'(

btw esp has allways the same diameter?

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