SPOILER! On races and classes and which combo to choose

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SPOILER! On races and classes and which combo to choose

Post by serina » Sun 11.04.2010, 12:18


Hobbit mages get the least amount of HP and Half-Troll warriors get the most amount of HP in the end.

Being lvl 50 and with CON 18/200 helps determine your HP. All calculations are based on average calculations.

A hobbit mage will get 825 HP.
The difference between a hobbit and half-troll is 125 HP.
Priests get 50 more HP than mages
Rangers get 100 more HP than mages.
Rogues/Paladins get 150 more HP than mages
Warriors get 225 more HP than mages.

The HP-gain by class/race compared to the HP gain of CON which is 625 HP is somewhat insignificant. (talking about 18/200 or better CON)

So in the end, HD-values of the different races/classes matters very little. The interesting part is about being able to maximize CON and whatever other abilities you need maxed (or close to maxed). Something to consider when starting is the added XP requirement and abilites that help you either at the start of the game (half-troll regen and other races abilities like infravision etc.) or provide "open" resist-gear slots later on in the game (dwarf res blind or kobold res poison). Also the HD-value will help you get by until you start getting CON maxed, which does take a while (most chars I play are lvl 35+ before their CON is maxed. It can be done sooner by using Rings of CON, which I usually do depending on class).

Conclusion:" Humans, half-elves and elves SUCK! - especially since their race benefits early on in the game doesn't help them out either. (check out the birth chart to see to calculate the different combos maximum starting stats, and remember that each + or - counts towards maximum value achieved by potions. In general all stats with potions are capped at 18/100. Having a total of +1 due to class/race = your potion max is 18/110. having -2 = you potion max for that stat is 18/80)


So an elven warrior will need +10 CON on items to max out HP value (18/200 CON) which is just ALOT unless you happen to find Calris or other grand +CON gear. And will still need +8 STR to max (18/220 STR), which is also quite alot.

Hope this helps out someone. Thoughts on constitution by an addict, hehe.


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