Playing mistakes (ranger)

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Playing mistakes (ranger)

Post by PowerWyrm » Wed 24.11.2010, 14:25

Death dump here: ... 6162654649

First huge mistake, never fight summoners in the open... especially the ones that can summon hounds!

Second mistake:

[Character Equipment]
a) a Glaive of Gondolin (2d6) (+24,+26) {@w0 !ksdv}
b) a Long Bow of Lothlorien (x4) (+27,+25) (+1)
c) a Ring of Damage (+16)

[Character Inventory]
s) 26 Arrows of Flame (1d4) (+18,+16)
t) 18 Arrows of Wounding (1d4) (+14,+11)

I really don't get it... these missiles should be macroed and there should be many more missiles in the inventory. This is a ranger, not a warrior... A quick calculation would show that the bow does MUCH more damage than the glaive. If you forget dice and slays/brands, you do 5*(26+16)=210/round with the glaive and 3*4*(25+16)=492/round with the bow (using the flame arrows). Not mentioning that you're wasting a ring slot with the +dam if you use the bow, so you could use something more useful like another ring of speed (or +con to max out that 18/180 con).

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Re: Playing mistakes (ranger)

Post by Ace » Fri 26.11.2010, 03:06

nice summary.
may the guy rest in peace :)

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