Mid-lvl mage - for Zapoila

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Mid-lvl mage - for Zapoila

Post by serina » Thu 10.10.2013, 22:08

Zal here. I haven't told Zapoila about this, so please direct him here, but I thought I'd post my thoughts anyway.

Thought I'd post my stats for a mid-game mage. I don't fight any major D's that can burn or acid. Nor any nasty V's or anything else with a nasty breath attack. I get XP from mumaks and easier hounds I can lure 1 by 1. It's fast if you > from 2300 while looking. In addition I keep an eye out for all Q's with detect invisible spell so I don't walk into traps. I found a staff of holiness that I use to abundance for o-pits and T-pits and the occasional energy D or poison D (only fight those with resistance-spell)

My stats are currently:

Level 34 hobbit mage.

STR: 18/08
INT: 18/182 = 269 Mana
WIS: 13
DEX: 18/30
CON: 18/191 = 525 HP
CHA: 18

My current gear (yeah I was lucky with finding my AMU):
Dagger of Westernesse (1d4) (+9,+9) (+2)
Ring of Constitution (+6) was wearing +5 until recently
Ring of Intelligence (+5)
Amulet of ESP (+5)
Hard Studded Leater of Resistance (+1) [7,+14]
Cloak of the Magi [1,+11] (+2) with regen
Orchish Shield [5,+6] (+2)
Steel Helm of Seeing [6,+5] (+5 to seatching)
Set of Cesti of Free Action [5,+14]
Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Free Action [2,+4]

MAX HP 525
MAX SP 269

Resists are lows + blind. (yeah I lack poison - that's risky, but I haven't found any other than a ring, and I'm NOT putting it on) - and I do have the spell.

I have the following abilities: Regen, Telepathy, See invis, Free Action and Hold life (from being a hobbit) and I have +2 stealth from my cloak = things rarely wake up instantly. I'd love more stealth to give me more thinking time both on > and in general.

I never explore a level fully, because I don't want it spawning, so I play about 3-5 screens tops, then >.

Hope this helps you Zap.

Regards Zal

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Re: Mid-lvl mage - for Zapoila

Post by PowerWyrm » Fri 11.10.2013, 11:20

My two cents for leveling a midlevel mage: dive to 2500ft, scum for the Balrog of Moria, teleport him away, kill his escort, repeat. Low level greater demons (vrocks, hezrous, nalfeshnees, mariliths) give a TON of experience and don't hurt... much. Avoid the lesser balrogs. Kill the demons one by one, and if one summons, teleport and come back to kill the summons one by one. You need either potions of res fire or R&S. And of course teleport other at minimum fail rate.

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