Multiplayer Angband variants history

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Multiplayer Angband variants history

Post by tangar » Thu 26.03.2020, 13:32

I've tried to gather Angband history in one chain:

The idea - so newcomer could understand the origin of the genre and to 'feel' it's history. Story starts from singleplayer masterpieces, but eventually become focused around multiplayer variants, as I'm mostly interested in them. It's was especially interesting to collect letters from initial game's developers; to see the situation from their point of view at that point of time.

I'll be glad to include there more information. If you found an inaccuracy or error, please report it! — streams in English ⍽⍽⍽⍽⍽⍽ — streams in Russian

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Re: Multiplayer Angband variants history

Post by LeCheesiest » Sat 31.10.2020, 16:47

Sounds quite interesting, I've read your site a little and it's really useful for a newcomer!

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Re: Multiplayer Angband variants history

Post by MiGFulcrum » Sat 31.10.2020, 17:51

Sure is, it was quite the read, I didn't know the story of (M)Angband could be tracked that far and that there's actually been a continuity for no less than 4 decades.

... now, why did I read it although I'm supposed to finish a press review about Montenegrin citizenship? I'm getting off the site now, this way, I'll be able to play tomorrow.

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