Gandhi; Ready for the Big M?

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Crimson Mold
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Gandhi; Ready for the Big M?

Post by Domiano » Sat 23.04.2011, 04:23

Hi all, its Schroeder here, and I have good news;
I have an egoless mage ready to fight morgoth.
+13 speed ring
+6 con ring
+4 trickery
Bronze DSM
Kolla & Orcish

+27 speed when hasted
891 HP when buffed, and 18/160 int, making it more damage efficient for him to use Chaos Strike...
No nether resist, which means he has to quaff life pots...
Sounds like suicide.
But no! I've done some testing on a local server!
Currently I have 2 wins and 1 loss with a similar character on the local server!

Any advice? When should I make the plunge?
I have enough cash to buy any # of *heal*/life pots from orome.
Should i '*make sure*' i don't die? I could make a macro where I quaff a life pot every other turn...

Just though I should put this out there.

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Re: Gandhi; Ready for the Big M?

Post by PowerWyrm » Sat 23.04.2011, 12:22

With +27 speed, your tactic (quaffing life every other turn) won't work. You need +30.
My advice... scum 6350ft for a +16 speed ring.
The other really dangerous problem is the lack of resist blind. If Morgoth casts Brain Smash, you will lose a turn, quaffing *heal* (oh yeah, don't bother using regular heals with +30 speed, you *absolutely* need to stay at max hp during the whole fight). Scum for a PDSM?

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